14 October 2017

Get the shot glasses out...I'm back

It feels that I have announced my return so many times that people might actually doubt whether I'm really back for good. Well, I guess work will be the only way to prove that, not only to others, but to myself too.

 We all know that paralysis prevents movement, but I think many people in the able bodied community don't know what other things paralysis does. For one, it kills, both literally and figuratively. It kills body as well as soul with it a crushing of hope.

I know; I was a victim of the "other stuff paralysis does", namely bone crunching pain. My life moved from fighting for a cure for paralysis to trying to defend my self full time from the pain it brought. I like to consider myself and strong person and I hate to feel like a victim, but I must bow to it; paralysis made me a victim of its terrifying secondary conditions and blacked out 6 years of my life.  Not to go into great detail on this first post back, I think I have the pain part under control enough to go back to the cure part,  but as a hint, it wasn't mind over matter or positive thinking, it was medical technology (and of course your thoughts and prayers gave me the impetus to keep searching for an exit out of hell).